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Valeria Salt's background in music, the performing arts, and all things creative spans 30 years. She finished a reputable classical music school in St. Petersburg, Russia, before immigrating to Canada with her family in the late 90’s. There she specialized in first soprano choral vocals, piano, and choral conducting, and composed a waltz for a retired mariners’ orchestra at the age of 12. 

At the age of 11, the female indie singer performed a song for Madame Chirac, the wife of the former President of France, at her French school, for which she received a standing ovation. 

Despite her promising start, Valeria's path has been filled with negative childhood programming that had to be unlearned, and psychological traumas that needed to be healed in order for her to follow her dream with confidence. Years later, she did it.

Valeria Salt’s work is a celebration of life despite its numerous and sometimes cyclical karmic challenges. With thought-provoking lyrics, often ahead-of-her-time predictions and out-of-the-box opinions, she gently educates her audiences on the importance of self-development and mastery, ancestral lineage history, legacy building and the relationship between the past and the future.


Before sharing the stage with Grammy, Juno, and Josie Music Awards winners, Valeria Salt performed at various live music venues around around Toronto, Canada, with her former original band and live cover band Lera Salt Band. In 2019, Salt became the first in history Russian-Canadian music artist to have performed on the outdoor stage at Times Square, NYC, while sharing it with past Grammy winners (2019).  The female indie singer also performed internationally on cruise ships until the global pandemic began in 2020.

While behind the scenes and healing from past traumas, including an assault by a former band member, Valeria Salt has written 40 original songs and will finally be heading into the studio to record a debut album, to be released in 2022.
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Valeria’s voice has the enigmatic colouring of a chameleon, tone described as a hybrid of Janis Joplin and Gwen Stefani with a touch of Alanis, raw emotion you’d expect from Florence Welch or Aurora, and vocabulary heavily influenced by her very own life philosophy and scientific esoteric studies.

Nearly effortlessly versatile stylistically, the multilingual female indie singer feels just as comfortable singing ballads a-la-Adele as intense punk rock songs. Her inherent duality of romantically vulnerable and powerfully fearless qualities gives her unprecedented strength and magnetism. With a dynamic stage presence that could rival many youthful performers’ high energy, her passion for her purposeful work is inspiring and her creativity is limitless.

A world traveller in love with fusing different genres and cultural influences in her indie alt-rock music, Valeria Salt lays rock grooves to support Indie Pop and Neo-Soul inspired melodies to create songs that are catchy, easily digestible, and radio-friendly. 


For over 6 years the Canadian music artist has also been a go-to talent judge in music, film and fashion industries. Including for Canada's top music and arts organizations such as FACTOR and Youth Day Global.

Through her own arts organization, Infame Inc., Valeria Salt became an artist rights advocate, a music & arts event organizer, and a festival music director. Her passion for music translates into every part of her entrepreneurial vision. Her brand of a beauty product, Minki Lashes, that had been featured on national Canadian TV and attracted the likes of numerous Hollywood celebrities, was, too, originally created with the performing artists in mind.

She isn't merely a vocalist or a songwriter but a game-changer with a legacy-building purpose, resilience and a brave heart that is typically seen in the world’s most influential figures. 

Timeline of Activities

April 2013
Valeria Salt Carnival Cruises
After being heard singing at the karaoke bar of the Carnival Legend cruise ship, the director of entertainment invites Valeria to perform on the ship’s big theatre stage in front of nearly 3000 people, with the in-house orchestra playing behind her. Since then, she has performed internationally on several cruise ships, and started her own 2 bands  (cover band and original band) in Toronto.
January 2015
Lera Salt Band Show
Under the stage name Lera Salt, the female indie singer performs to a full house at the Hideout (famous rock venue) in Toronto with her original band opening for her cover band for a total of nearly 4 hours of live singing!
2015 - 2017
Lera Salt Band Bio
In the following 2 years the bands play at various local Toronto/GTA venues such as the Bier Markt, The Great Hall, The Barrel, Roc'n'Docs among others, until personal circumstances and an assault by a former band member lead to the female indie singer deciding to continue as a solo artist with a backing band under the Lera Salt Band umbrella, with new material written but never recorded at a studio nor released commercially.
February 2016
Valeria is a liaison and actor in the production of the video "Come Alive" by Fito Blanco (known for his hit "Meneo" from film Fast & Furious 7) feat. a popular Canadian singer Karl Wolf. 
September 2016
Views of the World Film Festival Judge
Valeria joins the Views of the World International Film & Music Festival as a member of jury in the music & documentaries categories.
October 12, 2016
Valeria Salt Autism Sings Charity
The female indie singer is a “celebrity co-host” at the Autism Sings charity gala, and performs alongside Liberty Silver, a Juno Award winner and 5 times nominee. One year later, on October 12, 2017, Valeria will return to Autism Sings and share the stage with Kate Todd (Josie Music Award-winning singer & actress known for her roles in Degrassi: The Next Generation & My Babysitter's a Vampire.
February 10, 2017
Jake Miller Grammys Valeria Salt
Valeria attends the Grammy's Celebrity Gift Lounge in Beverly Hills, California, as a sponsor, where she meets numerous celebrities and establishes media connections.
Early 2018
Youth Day Global Judge Lera Salt
Lera joins the 40,000-attendee Youth Day Global festival (at Dundas Square in Toronto, annually) as the official judge selecting the performers.
July 21, 2018
Rock Festivals Canada Valeria Salt
Lera Salt performs as a featured artist with the band Morre (band with over 300 concerts across Europe) at the Maple Rock Festival in Roseneath, Ontario. She gets interviewed by and featured on OMNI’s “Nash Dom” cable TV show. The following year the female indie singer comes back to the festival as its co-organizer and music director.
September 26, 2018
Choclair Infame Inc Event
Salt co-organizes a celebration event/talent showcase at the Hideout, together with Tylaine Duggan, the Founder of Youth Day Global. Lera’s celebrity guest (Juno award winner) Choclair performed at the event, as well as numerous emerging artists.
September 21, 2019
Times Square International Peace Day
Valeria Salt performs on the outdoor stage in the prestigious Times Square, Manhattan, alongside past Grammy’s winners, at a non-profit International Peace Day event, becoming the first in history Russian-Canadian female indie singer to do so.
June 6, 2021
Juno Awards Judge 2021
Valeria Salt makes history again by becoming the first Russian-Canadian female indie artist to be selected as one of 10 VIP Juno Awards judges for the historical 50th anniversary of Canada's biggest music event of the year. 
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Valeria Salt has spent nearly 3 decades developing her numerous creative talents, spiritual wisdom and business skills to prepare herself for the real (competitive and often abusive) music industry while focusing on humanitarian efforts and altruism, promoting other artists and giving a lot of her energy to those who at times took advantage of her empathy, goodwill and very hard work. 

The time has come for this female indie singer to step into the spotlight and live her purpose by using her voice as a means to expand people’s minds about healing past traumas with art and achieving a fulfilling and abundant life where creativity doesn’t equal empty pockets.

She had pieced herself together numerous times after losses and crises, transformed herself for the better and came out of life situations that many fame-hungry artists would simply not be able to handle, stronger than ever. Many Hollywood musicians would turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. But Valeria pushed forward and learned psychology, astrology, digital marketing and business instead. Instead of hating, she started healing and helping others.


Her purpose is not to just sing “for the applause”, write songs for royalties or win a Juno or a Grammy award for status. The female indie singer is primarily here to enlighten and inspire people to heal themselves who were denied the emotional support or a sense of security by those closest to them but who nevertheless feel a flame inside telling them that they have something meaningful to offer to the world, and are willing to transform their lives because of that flame. 

One too many unique souls have been unseen, silenced and discouraged from following their inner voice. Valeria’s voice was gifted to her so she could use it to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. And her strategic mind was given to her so she could rise up to become a benevolently influential and reformist creative leader in the community.


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  • I want to have a positive reformative influence on the world. Just because you're a rock chick, you don't have to become a sad statistic and a tragic headline. You can be a ‘badass’ on stage and yet drink a green smoothie instead of whiskey, before a show. You can walk into a business meeting during the day and rock the stage later that night!
    My goal is to lead the way to creating a new generation of [rock] fans that associate music with a mentally healing and creatively expansive experience rather than an accessory to booze, drugs & irresponsible debauchery that is so common with traditional rock musicians. I seek to boost rock’n’roll’s image and create a sub-culture of music lovers that are interested in leading a more fulfilling lifestyle filled with intellectual, spiritually awakened and entrepreneurial pursuits!
    Music was an important part of social and cultural life in ancient Greece. Musicians and singers played a prominent role in Greek theater.[44] Mixed-gender choruses performed for entertainment, celebration, and spiritual ceremonies.