The Russian-Canadian singer-songwriter is a classically trained musician with a talent for writing catchy modern melodies in various genres and lyrics  that range from edgy and fun to deeply thought-provoking. 
The Canadian music artist is a talent judge in the music, fashion and film industries, including at Canada's top music organizations such as JUNO AWARDS, FACTOR and Youth Day Global.
A vocal chameleon with a magnetically dynamic on-stage presence, the Canadian singer performed with live bands in various venues across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as on cruise ships worldwide and at Times Square, New York.
Valeria Salt is also a business owner and a visionary leader with a strong entrepreneurial mindset that seamlessly blends her insatiable creativity and a highly developed intuition with a technical and strategic side.


Valeria had shared the stage with past Grammy, Juno Awards, Josie and other award winners, and performed sets ranging from 1 song to 4-hour long (with a cover band).
A music director, event organizer and host, Valeria Salt's creative vision, strategic and master networking skills extend across numerous fields and communities ranging from music and fashion to entrepreneurship and spirituality.
A world traveller in love with fusing different genres and cultural influences in her indie music, Valeria Salt's songs lay rock and funk grooves to support Indie Pop and Neo-Soul inspired melodies to create sounds that are catchy and memorable.
Valeria's activism and collective initiatives are related to supporting the youth, standing up for children's and women's rights, artists' rights, and numerous other social issues. Check her list of supported causes here.
Canadian Singer Valeria Salt Facts
In September 2019, Valeria Salt became the first in history Russian-Canadian music artist to perform on the outdoor stage at Times Square, Manhattan, while sharing it with past Grammy Award winners, during an International Peace Day event.

Valeria Salt Times Square New York
I play chess while you still play checkers. I got wits, ambition, and passion. I'm your sweetest distraction...


June 6, 2021: Valeria Salt is one of 10 VIP JUNO AWARDS judges at the historical 50th anniversary Juno Awards. 
Watch the live stream or replay of the memorable televised awards show live from Toronto, on CBC on June 6th.
June 03, 2021: Under the auspicious  Jupiter trine Venus transit, after a 7-year "Lera Salt" era, the Canadian music artist announced her rebranded stage name by  going back to her birth first name Valeria. The new website is launched.  
A 90's nostalgia flashback recorded by Valeria Salt in 2008.
My Imagination - original funk-pop-rock song sample.


Valeria's work has been seen (as a sponsor) at Grammys Celebrity Gift Lounge, The Marilyn Denis Show, and Miss Globe World Finals 2015.
Valeria Salt's Services:

Live band performances
Solo performances
Special guest appearances
Public speaking
Talent judging
Motivational discussions at schools
International projects
Canadian Music Artist
This passion inside me is pouring out. The revolution in me turns me out. Violent gratitude is coming out as I hear a little voice shouting out...
In 2019, Valeria Salt stepped in as the co-organizer & Music Director of the non-profit Maple Rock Festival that showcased 15 rock acts from Canada, the US and Russia over a 3-day camping style event. In July 2019, she also took the stage as the festival's featured artist with a 6-piece live band (Lera Salt Band).
The Canadian music artist has been performing on stage with a live backing band since 2014 with various talented musicians under the Lera Salt Band umbrella.  
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Can Anyone Learn How to Sing Songs

Can Anyone Learn How To Sing?

Professionally trained singer Valeria Salt discusses what learning to sing is really like. No sugar-coating, no "You can do this after taking this 20 lesson course", no people pleasing. Are you ready to put in the work into your vocal talent?
First Live Show Lera Salt Band Toronto

Valeria Salt's First Live Show in Toronto

Walking down the memory lane... Back to January 2015 when Valeria's original band opened for her cover band Lera Salt Band to a full house at the legendary Hideout rock bar in Toronto, Ontario. Four hours of singing in high heels, three keyboards, and one crowd surfer later, that show was one for the record books.
Singing Ancestral Lineage

What Does Ancestral Lineage Have to Do With Singing?

Russian-born Canadian music artist and spiritual strategist Valeria Salt shares why reconnecting with your ancestral lineage is an important piece of the puzzle in the development of your musical talent.  Why some people's musicality runs in the family while others' entire family tree sounds like a bear stepped on all of their ears.
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