How to Contact Valeria Salt

For all general inquiries, please contact Valeria via the contact form on this page or by email 

For media inquiries and interviews:

For interviews, email Valeria at with your list of questions.

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SCHOOL SHOWS (Toronto and surrounding areas)

Want to Interview Valeria Salt?

As a polymath, Valeria can talk about numerous topics, from all things arts, trauma healing through arts, spirituality and intuition, relationships and self-mastery to business, brand ownership, marketing, and travel. By working with Valeria Salt, you are investing into a long-term visionary that through her own music will help to raise a new generation of artistically-inclined individuals who are more satisfied with themselves, their relationships, and are self-sufficient, both emotionally and financially.


Current city- Toronto, Canada
Available for international travel 

Work Hours

Monday to Sunday
No 7am, 11am, 3PM, or 9PM appointments, please unless big projects, TV or festivals